While you're getting used to your new current account with your new provider, there may be times where you or your clients accidentally send a bank transfer to your closed Coconut current account. If this happens, the funds will automatically bounce back to the sender within 5-7 business days.

If this timeframe lapses and the funds haven't bounced back to the sending account, the sender will be able to trace this with their bank - it may be that the funds are in their holding account.

Please note that once a Coconut current account is closed, we will not accept bank transfers in.

Card refunds
If you're expecting a refund for a debit card purchase that is being refunded directly to your Coconut card, please contact us via email on [email protected]. There are instances where these may still arrive, so the support team will need to arrange a return of funds. Please see more about this here: What if There’s a Balance in My Closed Current Account?

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