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What to do if your app isn't loading older transactions

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To ensure fast loading, the Coconut mobile app stores your transaction data on your device so that you don't have to wait every time you open the app to get your transaction history. If you've been with Coconut a long time, you might sometimes find issues with loading older transactions loaded to the app. This article explains how to resolve this issue.

Scroll to bottom

On the business transactions tab, scroll to the bottom and drag down. Keep doing this and it will load more and more transactions (note this will not load any personal transactions to the app).

Use the date filters

Per account, or for all business transactions, use the date filters (tax year or month). This will always force a sync of the latest 50 transactions within that date range. Scroll to the bottom to load more than 50. If filtering by tax year isn't working, then filter by one month at a time for best results.

Note: When you logout fully of the app, the local transaction data will be deleted, and so if you have loaded old transaction data previously it may need to be re-performed at a later date.

Use Coconut Web

Login to Coconut Web using your mobile number, PIN and 2FA. Here you'll be able to manage your business and personal transactions as you would in the application.

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