Refreshing My Bank Connection

Periodically you will need to re-authenticate your bank connection

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We will refresh your transactions every time you log into Coconut, but you can also manually refresh your list of transactions.

After connecting your bank account to Coconut, this will continue to pull transactions each time there’s an update from your bank.

How do I refresh my connection?

Simply tap the 'More' tab > select ‘Bank Connections’ and pull down on the screen. The app will let you know that it's refreshing your connection and then once it's done, your transactions should now begin to filter through.

How do I re-authenticate my connection?

The connection can experience some issues if we haven't yet received the latest update from your bank or the authorisation with your bank has expired.

If you need to re-authenticate your connection, you can also do that from the 'More' tab by tapping on 'Bank Connections' > tap on the account you’d like to refresh > tap ‘Refresh Connection’.

You'll notice this is the same flow used when you first connect accounts and that you'll be prompted to allow access in the same way.

Once you complete all the prompts, your transactions will begin to filter through.

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