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Having Trouble Logging in to the App or Getting Started?
Having Trouble Logging in to the App or Getting Started?

How to get started & log in. Forgot your 5 digit code? Not receiving a 6 digit code? Changed your mobile phone number? New device?

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This article contains all you need to know about getting started with the app or logging in to the app. If you're an accountant and need help with resetting your Accountant Platform password, please head here.

What you need to register
To get started, all you need is your device, a mobile phone number that can receive text messages and an email address. You'll be prompted to setup a 5 digit code when you first register and will need to use this 5 digit code to login with moving forward.

What you need to login with
To log in to both the app and Coconut Web, you'll need to enter the phone number associated with your profile and your 5 digit passcode. We'll also text you a 6 digit verification code for security.

You can read more about logging in to Coconut Web here.

How to login with a new phone/device
Login works the same across all devices. You'll just need the app, phone number you registered with and the 5 digit passcode you created your profile with.

How to update your mobile phone number
You can update your mobile phone number in the app by simply heading to the 'More' tab > Personal Profile > Mobile number.

If you're logged out and no longer have access to the phone number associated with your profile, please email the support team at [email protected] so they can update your new mobile phone number for you to login with.

Please ensure you provide the team with the mobile phone number currently associated with your profile, along with the email address you registered with (if you're not emailing in from that email) and your new phone number.

Your 5 Digit Code
Your 5 digit code is the code that you set up when you first registered - for security, this will not be texted to you and the team does not have access to this. If you need to reset your 5 digit passcode, please complete this short form to request a text message with a link to reset your code.

6 Digit Verification Code
We use 6 digit verification for security to ensure that no-one other than you can access your profile. When prompted, a 6 digit code will automatically be texted to the phone number associated to your profile.

You'll receive a 6 digit verification code when:

  1. You've just registered

  2. You're logging in to the app

  3. You're using a new device

  4. You're logging in to Coconut Web

  5. You've just deleted and re-installed the app

Reasons you may not be receiving the code:

  1. You're 'getting started' but the phone number and/or email address is already in use with another profile

  2. Your mobile phone does not have signal and/or is not able to receive text messages

  3. You're outside of the UK

The support team can help you if you're having trouble logging in. Please email [email protected] for assistance.

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