Updating Your Personal Profile

How to update your preferred name, along with your login and contact details, including your email address and mobile phone number

Updated over a week ago

You can update your preferred first name, email address and mobile phone number in the app by simply heading to the More tab > Personal Profile > Tap on the edit icon in the relevant fields to edit your details.

Your preferred name
Your preferred first name doesn't have to be your legal name, and can be something a little less formal if you'd prefer. This is how we'll address you when you contact us.

Your email address
We'll use your email address for security notifications, and the occasional Coconut product update. We'd recommend ensuring this is up to date.

Your mobile phone number
Please note that the phone number you enter here is the phone number associated with your login, so you'll need to be able to receive text messages. You can read more about this here.

For security, when you update your phone number, you'll be prompted to enter a 6 digit code that is texted to you, followed by your 5 digit passcode.

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