How the Monthly Overview Works

A monthly overview of your income, expenses and profit

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Your ‘Home’ tab in-app gives you an overview of your monthly income, profit and expenses.

Your income bubble

This bubble shows you a total for all of your income for the month, and is a summary of payments made to you. In order to keep this accurate, you’ll need to ensure that all of your income has been categorised as such in-app.

If you tap on the Income bubble you’ll also see a full list of all your business transactions. Noticed something is missing? Head back to your Transactions tab to categorise it so it’s taken into account for you.

You can see more about how to categorise your transactions here: How to categorise my transactions

Your Expenses Bubble

This is a summary of your recorded expenses, that you have categorised transactions as allowable expenses for. To keep this up to date, you’ll need to ensure your transactions have been categorised as business transactions. To check this, head over to the ‘Transactions’ tab in-app and ensure you have selected the correct business category for each transaction.

You can also tap on the Expenses bubble for a full list of your expenses for the month. If you notice something is missing, simply head over to your Transactions tab and update your categorised transactions so it is added to this summary for you.

Your Profit bubble

This is what is left over after deducting your expenses from your income.

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