If you have a lot of payments to the same merchant, this is where Coconut’s option to bulk categorise transactions comes in handy! Ensuring your transactions are categorised correctly keeps your income and expenses up to date, so that you’re ready for when it’s time to do your tax return.

It’s very easy to do so: from your transactions tab in-app, tap on the transaction that you would like to categorise.

  • Then, tap to add or amend the category;

  • Select the relevant category;

  • You’ll then be taken back to the transaction view;

  • You’ll notice the option to ‘Apply to transactions ‘ for all other similar transactions. Tap this, then select the transactions to categorise or tap ‘Select All’.

You’ve now categorised your transactions in bulk!

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If you have any questions about this, you can always reach the team via the in-app chat, or on [email protected]. See more about our support hours here.

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