How we categorise your expenses

Every time a new transaction is recorded in-app, we’ll assign a category to the expense automatically.

If it’s a merchant we’ve not seen before, then the category will be less accurate. But if it’s one we’ve seen previously, it will have been through our enrichment process to assign a more accurate category, plus clean it up a bit and add a nice logo.

Changing categories

You can (and we encourage you to!) update the categories if you what we’ve assigned isn’t accurate. Ultimately it’s your responsibility to make sure that your records are accurate, but we’ll go as far as we can to help you with this.

Making personal purchases

If you make a personal purchase on your card, you can simply assign this to the “Personal” category to remove it from your tax workings.

Tax Guidance

To get help with knowing what you can and can’t claim as business expenses to reduce your tax bill, you can access the handy guidance whenever you open the categories list.

Adding Receipts

You can attach receipts to your transactions, either using your phone’s camera, photo library, or cloud storage apps that you’ve got on your phone. You can add notes to your transactions too.

You can find out more about this here: How to attach receipts to my transactions

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