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I am having problems connecting my Virgin Money bank or credit card account.
I am having problems connecting my Virgin Money bank or credit card account.
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Due to the way Virgin Money manage their online accounts (They are an amalgamation of Clydesdale Bank, Yorkshire Bank and Virgin Money all using different platforms) you may experience issues connecting your accounts.

Please check the 2 scenario's below to see if they can offer some help and guidance.

Scenario 1

A user is trying to provide consent (or re-consent) via a laptop or desktop computer for their credit card account. Consent for credit card accounts can only be granted using a web browser on the mobile phone that their Virgin Money credit card app is registered on. Once consent has been granted, the user can revert back to their desktop/laptop to view their account information.

Scenario 2

The security settings on the user's mobile phone have defaulted to standard settings following an upgrade by the mobile phone operating system provider (Android or Apple). If the user follows these steps the issue should be rectified and the error will not appear:

  • Uninstall the Virgin Money credit card app and install the latest version.

  • Check that the browser the user is using is set to allow the browser to open apps (the consenting process takes the user to a web-based landing page - if the browser is set to disallow the opening of Apps, it will fail at this point with a 414 error). This is an android-specific step.

  • Restart phone.

  • Complete consent journey again.

If the customer is using an Android browser, scenario 2 should resolve the issue.

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