Downloading the SA106 (Foreign Property)

How to download the SA106 for Foreign Property self-assessment

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If you or your client has rental income from one or more properties overseas that do not qualify as EEA Furnished Holiday Lets, then you'll require the SA106 form.

SA106 is used for Self-Assessment tax return if you are a UK resident but need to pay tax on foreign income, this includes properties.

To download the report, head over to the report tab and select 'Self-assessment: Foreign Property (not EEA FHL) (SA106)'

Clicking on the report listing will open a modal where you can select your income stream (the property you've identified) and the relevant tax year you want to report on.

Hit Export to download a CSV export or view, to see the data displayed in a modal.

Alternatively, if you have a UK Property (FHL, Non-FHL) or you're a Sole Trader, you can download the SA105 or SA103 reports respectively.

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