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Downloading the SA105 (UK Properties)

How to decide on and download the correct SA105 report

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If you or your client has rental income from properties in the UK or EEA, you'll need to use the SA105 self-assessment form.

There are two versions of the SA105:

  • SA105 Non-FHL - you own one or more residential/commercial UK properties that do not fall into the FHL category

  • SA105 FHL (UK & EEA) - you own one or more furnished holiday lets. In order to qualify as a FHL a property must be in the UK or EEA and must be available for letting for 210 days or more and must be let for 105 days or more.

As the definitions for these reports differ, the categories that are included/excluded from the income and expenses categories will depend on the type of property. As such, you'll need to ensure that you select the correct self-assessment form based on the property you own.

To download the report, head over to the report tab and select one of the following:

  • 'Self-assessment: UK Property (not FHL) Report (SA105)'

  • 'Self-assessment: UK/EEA Furnish Holiday Let (FHL) Report (SA105)

Clicking on the report listing will open a modal where you can select your income stream (the property you've identified) and the relevant tax year you want to report on.

Hit OK, to download a CSV with all the data you require.

Alternatively, if you have a Foreign Property or you're a Sole Trader, you can download the SA106 or SA105 reports respectively.

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