Inviting Your Clients to Coconut

We break down step-by-step how you can invite your clients to Coconut to manage their books.

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In order to manage your clients' books with Coconut, you'll need to invite them to get the Coconut mobile app. It’s a simple process and will only take a few minutes.

1. Click 'Add a client'

Log in to Coconut Accountant Platform. You will land on Clients page. Click on 'Add a Client' button in the right hand-side corner to continue.

2. Enter your client's email
In the modal, enter your client’s email address. We'll check to see if the client already uses Coconut – which means their details are already in our system – or if you need to create a new entry.

3a. New Clients: Add your client's details
If this client isn't currently on Coconut, you'll be asked to complete your client’s name, surname and phone number. You can also choose whether or not to add the client's subscription to your partner plan (deselect this if you want your client to pay for the subscription).

Once you've filled in your client's details, you'll have two options.

  • First one is 'Add client'. By clicking on this button you will create a new record for the client in Coconut – but you won't invite them yet. The client’s name will appear in 'Pending', and you will be able to send them an invite at a later stage.

  • Your second option is 'Add & Send Invite'. This will immediately send an email your client to invite them to Coconut. Once they have accepted the invite and joined Coconut, they will appear in your Clients List. Until they do, you will also be able to resend the invite to them at any point from the 'Pending' list.

The email they receive will look like this:

3b. Existing Clients: Request access
If you client already exists in our system based on their email address, you can send an access request to them. You can do this by clicking on ‘Request access’. Your client will then receive an email asking to grant access.

Before inviting your clients, it's a good idea to share with them what to expect. We have compiled some tips on how to onboard your clients here.

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