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Update Transaction Categories or Notes
Update Transaction Categories or Notes

Quickly edit and organise transactions in bookkeeping tab

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If you find that a transaction in your bookkeeping list has an incorrect category or needs some additional context, you can always edit it from the bookkeeping tab.

If you would like to amend the Category type or add notes to a transaction, you may do so by clicking the transaction line, selecting the correct category from the drop-down, typing in the notes field and then clicking ‘Save’.

Editing multiple transactions:

You can also edit the category for multiple transactions at a time using the checkbox on the left of the transaction tile, then selecting all the transactions you wish to update.

Hit edit, and in the modal that appears, select the new category you wish to update these transactions to.

Selecting OK will update the selected transactions with the new category type. These changes will also carry over to your app on your phone.

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