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Add Attachments

Add or manage attachments on transactions

Updated over a week ago

It is possible to add attachments (such as a receipt) to any transaction in your bookkeeping list.

How do I attach files to my transactions?

First, select the transaction that you wish to add an attachment to and select the '+' attachment button.

You may add attachments from two places:

  • From you existing saved receipts list - these are attachments that you've already saved or uploaded on your phone

  • From your computer - you can select files from anywhere on your computer. When uploading from your computer, the system file name will be used as the description for your attachment e.g. if your file is called 'Invoice-001.pdf' then the description of the attachment will be the same.

In order to upload from your existing saved receipts, click 'Add saved receipts' and select the attachment from the list.

If you would like to upload from your desktop, click 'Upload from my computer', use file explorer to navigate to the file's destination and select it.

Once you have uploaded an attachment, you will see it in the attachment list for this transaction. You can view this attachment at any time by clicking on it.

How many attachments can I upload to a transaction?

You may upload up to 4 receipts to your transaction.

Which formats are accepted?

As with the Coconut app, only pdf, png and jpg files are supported for upload.

Can I delete attachments?

You can view, and delete attachments uploaded on Coconut web from your phone at any time.

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