With Coconut, you can create invoices from the application or from Coconut Web. If you want to create invoices from the comfort of your desktop, follow the steps below.

Step 1

Once you've logged in, navigate to the Invoices tab in the top nav bar. From here, you'll be able to click the Create Invoice button to open the Create New Invoice screen.

Step 2

Select a client that you want to send your invoice to. If you can't see your client in the list, you'll need to create them in the app first (creating a client for invoices will be available on web soon).

Step 3

Assign an invoice prefix, invoice number, invoice date and due date. We'll use the due date you've set to track if your invoice is overdue.

Step 4

Add items to your invoice. You can just add a description and an amount or toggle on units, select a unit and type in an amount and we will calculate the total for you.

You can have as many line items as you like and delete or change them at any time.

Step 5

Add your payment details by selecting from accounts you have connected to Coconut or leave the details blank.

Step 6

Add any footer notes. You may also want to use this for payments details if you want to type these in manually.

Step 7

Click Next to bring you to the email portion of creating an invoice. The 'To' address will be populated with the email address of the client you've selected, but you can also add any other email addresses to the 'CC' field. The 'From' field will be populated with your email address as you've set it in the business profile. We'll automatically populate the email subject and body for you, but you can amend both as needed before sending. There's also a toggle at the bottom of the screen that lets you send a copy of the invoice to yourself. When you're ready, click the Send Invoice button

Once the invoice is sent, you will be able to view all invoices in the main invoices list with the details of when you issued the invoice, the invoice number, recipient and amount. You can also download a copy of the invoice at any time by clicking the invoice row.

You'll also be able to Save as draft and Preview invoices in some updates coming soon.

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