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About Coconut

Coconut is simple accounting and tax software for self-employed people and accountants.

Customers get a mobile app that helps you stay on top of your bookkeeping all year round—by allowing you to connect your bank accounts, categorise your transactions, and capture receipts, bills, and invoices, all in one place. Coconut also gives you monthly business insights and a running tax set-aside suggestion, so you can save the right amount for you tax bill.

Through the Coconut Accountant Platform, [PRACTICE NAME] will have instant access to all of that accounting information, meaning no more back-and-forth emails, or searching for receipts when we need to file your taxes.


Coconut helps self-employed people:

Get organised

With accurate records and figures always at your fingertips in the Coconut app, it’s easy to see how business is doing, whose payments are overdue, and what to set aside for tax every single month. You’ll always feel in control of your finances.

Spend less time on financial admin

Tired of wasting valuable time on spreadsheets and paperwork? Coconut’s bookkeeping and tax tools help you and your [ACCOUNTANT/BOOKKEEPER] to do all of your financial admin in a fraction of the time; freeing you up to focus on your work.

Build foundations for a successful business

Getting the money-side right is a key pillar of building a successful self-employed business. By automating admin tasks and helping you stay on top of your finances as you go, Coconut's accounting and tax app helps you build the foundations you need to thrive.


As well as making it really easy for you to work with your [ACCOUNTANT/BOOKKEEPER], Coconut’s app will help you to:

Understand your money

With an up-to-the-minute view of your income and expenses, and clear idea of how much to set aside for tax, you’ll never get caught by a surprise tax bill.

Capture your receipts and records

Snap receipts, jot down notes and save paperwork in the cloud. With Coconut in your pocket, there’s finally a home for your records, safely stored for when your [ACCOUNTANT/BOOKKEEPER] needs them.

Claim every expense

Avoid that January rush by doing your bookkeeping in real time. We’ll help you categorise each and every business expense as it happens, so you can be sure you’re claiming everything you can. You and your [ACCOUNTANT/BOOKKEEPER] have control over this too, so you can ensure you get it right.

Sort your taxes

Everything is easier when you break it down. Coconut helps you and your [ACCOUNTANT/BOOKKEEPER] prepare for your tax return throughout the year—this reduces back and forth when it comes to tax and you can focus on conversations that help your business grow and prosper.

Send and track invoices

As you grow, keeping track of who owes you money can be a real chore. Use the Coconut app to send branded invoices in seconds, and track the payments as they come into your bank account.

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