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Welcome to the Coconut Partner Programme
Welcome to the Coconut Partner Programme

A quick introduction for new Coconut Partners from our CEO, Sam O'Connor

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Hi there!

We’re delighted to welcome you as a Coconut Partner.

Our partners and their clients love the simplicity of Coconut’s app and Accountant Platform. We are confident you will find many benefits of the transition to Coconut with increased client engagement and efficiency in dealing with them.

The best way to get clients to understand the digital transition to MTD ITSA and a platform like Coconut is to communicate the reasons for the change and the benefits of the transition clearly and effectively. We want to support you with this process as much as we can and are continuously building out tools and content with this in mind. If you have requests or suggestions, please let us know.

MTD ITSA is encouraging the shift to digital for sole traders and practices. And whilst this is the clearest way to explain why you are moving to a digital model, in our experience clients get great value from this change and as a practice you will be able to serve them better. It feels like a big change, but the benefits are worthwhile to client experience and engagement, as well as ROI.

Our Accountant Resources area is here to give you all the informations and resources your need to explain and use Coconut with your clients. There is background to MTD ITSA and Open Banking which may also raise questions with clients around safety and security.

This content is for you to use as you need to, so you can share all of this information either verbatim or you can edit how you feel suits your practice and your relationships.

I hope you and your clients have a great experience with Coconut and our team will be on hand to support you where you need it.

Thanks for choosing Coconut!

Sam O’Connor

CEO @ Coconut

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