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Handling Dividend and Savings Income
Handling Dividend and Savings Income

If you receive interest income or dividend income, here's some guidance on how to get the figures for your self-assessment

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If you’re a sole trader and you receive dividend or savings income, then you’ll need to report these in your self-assessment at year end. Here’s how you can get the figures

Savings Interest Income

In Coconut, you can record interest income which won’t be included in your taxable income. You can get this figure by logging in to Coconut web > Bookkeeping tab > Filter by Tax Year > Look at the total down the left hand side bar.

Dividend Income from Investments

If you receive dividend income from stocks and shares etc, many companies provide tax statements that you can use to complete your self-assessment.

Dividend Income from a Limited Company

If you’re also a Director/Shareholder of a Limited Company, you should have a record of the dividends paid to you in your company records that you can use for your self-assessment.

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