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What to Do Once My Client Has Signed up to Coconut?
What to Do Once My Client Has Signed up to Coconut?

A few tips on getting your client started with Coconut.

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Once your client has downloaded Coconut and completed the sign up process in the app, we will send you an email to notify you. Your client will also receive occasional emails and in-app messages to guide them through the app.

Here are the next steps you can take to ensure you and your client work effectively.

Check if your client has been set up correctly and connected their bank account

1. Log in to the Coconut Accountant Platform to view if your client has been set up correctly. You should be able to see them in your clients' list.

2. If your client has connected their bank accounts you will be able to see their transactions in the bookkeeping tab and check the connections in the Bank Feeds tab.

3. If they haven't, you may want to reach out to them to double check if they need help setting up their bank account connections. Coconut uses Open Banking to connect to your client's bank accounts and credit card providers. You can read more about Open Banking here and you can reassure your client that:

  • They will never be asked to share your passwords.

  • All data is read-only.

  • It's all in their control; it is easy to withdraw consent & disconnect account at any time.

  • They are protected; Apps and websites enrolled on the Open Banking Directory are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or European equivalent. It means there are strict rules about how operations and keeping the data secure.

We have dedicated articles that list all banks that are supported by Coconut and provide a step by step breakdown of how your client can connect their bank accounts.

​Let them know about Income Streams
Income streams allow you and your client manage multiple businesses and/or properties in Coconut.
We have a dedicated article to walk them through how to set these up as well as accountant support here: How to Support Your Clients With Multiple Sources of Income From Property And/or Self-Employment

Show them how to categorise transactions

Once their bank accounts are connected and income streams have been created, you could show your client how to categorise transactions to make it easier for you to review and recode.

There's in-app guidance and the whole process is extremely intuitive but we have a full series of articles that explain how your client can manage their transactions.

Introduce them to invoicing

Your client does not need to use the invoicing tool, however, it can be extremely useful in making working with your clients even easier. Your client can create and send branded invoices in a matter of minutes and we will automatically mark them as paid when the payment comes through to their account.

More on invoicing can be found here.

Ask them to fill in their tax profile

It may be useful for you to have a view of your clients PAYE income and student loans as well as cash expenses and any additional allowances and adjustments. Your client can provide you with that information in the Tax Profile in the tax tab. They can access their tax profile by visiting the Tax Tab and clicking on the icon in the left hand-side corner.

Coconut Web

Finally, your client may prefer to manage their transactions on desktop in which case it may be worth introducing them to Coconut Web.

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