Review & Recategorise Your Clients' Transactions

Coconut is built to make reviewing and categorising your client's transactions super easy.

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First we’ll show the basics, then we’ll show you how to bulk review and recategorise to prepare your clients books ready for filing in minutes.

To recategorise a transaction, just click on the transaction to bring up the details. From there you can choose a category from the category list. Select the category you want, and save the transaction.

Coconut uses the same chart of accounts for all clients, keeping things simple, and also enabling more accurate coding automation.

To recategorise multiple transactions at once, select the ones you want and then click edit. Now you can change them all at once by tapping 'Recategorise transactions' in the top right.

You can combine this with the date range, the category totals and the search box to review and organise your clients’ books in minutes.

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