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Update the Payment Method on Your Invoices
Update the Payment Method on Your Invoices

How to change the payment method/bank details on your invoices for where you'd like your clients to pay you

Updated over a week ago

If you have more than one account connected via Open Banking, you may wish to choose where your clients pay you. This can be done in one simple step in-app while creating an invoice.

Simply select your preferred bank details once you get to the 'payment options' section when you're drafting an invoice. This is one of the last stages in creating an invoice:

You can also toggle on to get paid with PayPal. You can find more on that here: Get Paid with PayPal.

The most recent selection will now automatically become the default account details used for future invoices, but you can change this at any time by following the above step again.

Please note that we currently do not support other currencies or adding an IBAN in our invoices and all our invoices are set in GBP for the time-being. For this, you could convert to GBP or the currency amount can be given in the line item description or footer.

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