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How to Save a Receipt for Later (iOS+Web only)
How to Save a Receipt for Later (iOS+Web only)

Saving and storing receipts for future transactions and/or later use

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If you know you're going to need a receipt/ image for a later date/transaction, we've made it super simple to store this in-app and not have to worry about fumbling around for any loose bits of paper later.

How do I store a receipt for later use? (iOS only)

Simply head to your Transactions tab, select the Camera symbol (top right), select Save a receipt and let the app guide you through the screens;

You can choose to either Save a receipt by using the camera tool and snapping your picture for later use or you can view all saved receipts to date.

Save a Receipt:

When uploading your receipt to the app, you'll be prompted to confirm:

  • The receipt date

  • The total amount of the receipt

  • A short description of the transaction

Then once saved, you'll be able to view it again at any time and apply it to your transaction when necessary.

View Saved Receipt:

Here you can amend any information stored on a previous receipt image, delete any old receipt or simply overview your collection.

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