If you know you're going to need a receipt/ image for a later date/transaction, we've made it super simple to store this in-app and not have to worry about fumbling around for any loose bits of paper later.

How do I store a receipt for later use?

Simply head to your Transactions tab, select the Camera symbol (top right), select Save a receipt and let the app guide you through the screens;

You can choose to either Save a receipt by using the camera tool and snapping your picture for later use or you can view all saved recepts to date.

Save a Receipt:

When uploading your receipt to the app, you'll be prompted to confirm:

  • The Receipt Date

  • The total amount of the recept

  • A short description of the transaction

Then once saved, you'll be able to view it again at any date and apply it to your transaction when necessary.

View Saved Receipt:

Here you can amend any information stored on a previous receipt image, delete any old receipt or simply overview your collection.

If you wanted to understand more about how to upload receipts to specific transactions, I've linked our support center article here with more information.

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