With Coconut, your clients can connect bank accounts from over 25 institutions to consolidate their business transactions in one place and to enrich their data with bookkeeping information, like categorisation, receipts and notes.

When we ask your clients to connect their bank accounts, we ask them to identify the account as one of three types:

  • Business account (all transactions are considered a business transaction)

  • Personal account (all transactions are assumed to be personal and NOT a business transaction)

  • A mix of both (we prompt your client to indicate whether the transaction is a business or personal transaction)

If it's a business transaction, we suggest a category to your client (which they can also edit). This is how you'll see these categories classified on the bookkeeping tab in the portal.

If it's a personal transaction, you'll see them grouped in the personal category. Any transactions in your clients' personal or mixed accounts that are not categorised are also considered personal transactions however your client can categorise it if they wish.

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