Transaction Categorisation Limits

The transaction categorisation limit relates to how many transactions are categorised for tax each calendar month. This includes ALL business transactions, across all accounts connected to the Coconut app. If you have a personal account connected to the app, only transaction that you identify as business will then be counted.

If you go over this limit, the transactions will stop being categorised, but you are not charged for these. You'll simply need to upgrade your plan to increase your limits and change the category on any transactions that are over the limit.

See this article for more detail on how these works.

Coconut Current Accounts only: Bank Transfer Fees

Increasingly Coconut is used by business owners that connect their existing current account to us through Open Banking and do not have a Coconut current account. For customers that do, there are some monthly allowances and fees applied on bank transfers made to and from Coconut accounts using your account number/sort code (so this does not include card payments).

For more information about how these work, check out this article.

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