Standard rate VAT scheme

On this scheme, you charge VAT on invoices (usually 20%) and pay this over to HMRC. You can reduce the amount you pay by claiming the VAT you pay on allowable expenses.

On this scheme, you have to keep track of the VAT you charge on your invoices, and also the VAT you pay on expenses.

If you earn over £85,000, you must register for VAT.

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Flat rate VAT scheme

If you earn under £150,000, you can opt to use the flat rate scheme instead of the standard rate scheme.

It’s intended to be a simpler way to manage your VAT, as instead of keeping track of VAT on all income and expenses, there is a different calculation.

You still charge the relevant VAT rate on your sales (usually 20%). Then each VAT period, you add up your total sales including VAT, and multiply it by the relevant flat rate for your industry.

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If you’re unsure, speak to your accountant. If you don’t have an accountant and would be like to speak to one, we can connect you with one here.

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