Tracking Mileage

Some suggestions of apps to help you track your mileage

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Coconut doesn't have a mileage tracking feature built-in, but there are some great apps out there that help you do this.

We've asked some of our customers which apps they use alongside Coconut to track their mileage and shared them here.

How do mileage tracking apps work?

The apps we've suggested here all broadly work the same:

  • Install the app

  • Share your location with the app

  • The app tracks your trips throughout the day

  • You mark each trip as either business or personal

  • The app tots up your business mileage

  • At the end of the tax year, add the total claim when you fill out your tax return

Which apps can I use?

The following apps offer automated mileage tracking as a product to use alongside Coconut:

Using a mileage app alongside Coconut

If you are tracking your mileage in an app like these, then you should remember a few things:

  • When you do your tax return at the end of the year, you can run a report from your mileage tracker to get the total figure that you can claim for mileage. Add this to your total other allowable expenses that you've tracked in Coconut.

  • But remember, if you're claiming for your mileage, then you aren't allowed to claim for the actual money you spend on fuel - make sure when you do your tax return you don't in your expenses anything you claim on fuel.

Add mileage manually in the app

Although we don't have the ability to track mileage, you can add mileage captured outside Coconut as a manual adjustment in your 'Transactions' tab. More on this here: How to Manually Record Transactions


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