How to get started

Simply head to your invoices tab in-app & select Create Invoice. The app will then guide you through the necessary steps in order to create and send your invoice; including fields such as your client details, invoice number, line items & more.

Showing Units

You have the option to show or hide units on your invoice, depending on how you like to do it. If you show them, you'll have to select what the units are and the rate - this is handy if you charge a day rate for example.

Previewing your invoice

You might want to check your invoice before you send it out, or see what it's going to look like before you push the send button. At any point, you can push the "Preview" button to see how your invoice is shaping up.

Sending your invoice

Once you've got your invoice ready to go, you can send it straight to your client by email through the app. You can either add your client's email when you create your client at the start of the process, or you can add it at the final step when you send them the invoice.

You can edit the subject and message for the email too. We send the email without any fancy design or anything, so it looks like it's just coming from you directly. If they reply to the email, it'll come straight to you.

Here's a quick demo:

If you'd like to see what your invoice may look like, we have an example here:

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