Ltd Company Annual Accounts

Each year limited companies have to prepare Annual Accounts for Companies House and HMRC.

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Limited companies each have their own financial year end, which is often 31 December or 31 March, but it can be any date of the year you choose. 

Each year, limited companies have to complete a set of annual accounts which need to be filed in two places:

  • A full set of accounts, to be send to HMRC (also used to complete your company’s tax return)

  • A short form set of accounts, to be filed with Companies House.

These need to be filed within 9 months of your company’s year end.

Preparing these accounts and doing the associated tax return is normally done using specialist accounts preparation software. This is usually where you’ll get an accountant involved, who will be specialist at preparing these types of accounts and returns using this software.

If you have an accountant, you can If you have an accountant, you can share access with them to the Coconut Accountant Platform.

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