What is Curve?

The Curve app and card allows you to roll all your debit and credit cards into one, meaning you don't need to carry around that chunky wallet anymore.

Coconut works with Curve, here's some tips to get up and running.

Connecting Coconut to Curve

There's a helpful article in Curve's FAQs but we've outlined it here for convenience. Follow these 3 steps to connect your Coconut card to Curve:

  1. Scan or manually enter your card details into the Curve app, either when prompted when you first log in or by tapping on the grid icon at the top-right of the screen and selecting 'Add a card'.

  2. Give your card a name e.g. 'Coconut' and select the currency in which you prefer to be charged e.g. GBP.

  3. Verify your card: Curve will apply a temporary charge (usually £0.65) which is refunded within 7 days. If you head to the Coconut app, you'll see this appear in your transactions list in the 'Account' tab. Simply grab the code in the description ("CRV*C-XXXXXX") and enter it back in the Curve app.

That's it, done!

Changing the card image

You might see the image showing is a Tide card. That's because we share the same banking partner and Curve apply this by default.

It's really easy to change it in the Curve app - just tap the info icon under the card image and select 'Change card image'. You'll find the Coconut card right next door.

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