You’ve probably seen a lot about data protection in recent years and noticed a real push to tighten up existing measures and protocols to maximise security, preventing information being shared or used without your knowledge or consent.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was conceived with the purpose of increasing protection of data belonging to individuals within the EU. In the UK, it builds on foundations set by the Data Protection Act (1998), which it replaced when GDPR came into effect on May 25th, 2018.

Now, you have more explicit say and control over what information businesses hold about you, why they would need it and be able to easily access to it yourself.

We’re committed, not only to complying with, but also taking the steps to make it crystal clear that our values are aligned with the spirit of GDPR and what was introduced to achieve. 

We haven't just buried the things you need to know in a 99 page Privacy Policy (don’t worry, you’ll still be able to see this in full), but we explain clearly and concisely why any information you give us is needed before requesting your consent to use your data. We've linked this here.

Changes within Coconut you should know about

Here's what we've done:

Fully understanding what updates we need to make to our procedures and product to comply with GDPR.
>>> Complete ✅

Update our business procedures to ensure compliance with the new requirements set out by GDPR.
>>> Complete ✅

Ensuring that all of our partners also comply with GDPR to the high standard you expect of us.
>>> Complete ✅

Revising and sharing our full Privacy Policy, along with a summary of the key changes and terms.
>>> Complete ✅

Communicating that we’ve done all of the above, along with a clear and concise version of our Privacy Policy to our customers.
>>> Complete ✅

Making updates to the way we inform customers about the way we process personal data during our on-boarding process.
>>> Complete ✅

Questions about GDPR?

You can contact us at [email protected] for any GDPR-related questions, and we will get right back to you. We'll be in contact by email and in the Coconut app to keep you updated with any changes and further improvements we make.

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