Right now, this isn't possible, but we're working on it.

It’s becoming increasingly common for freelancers and self-employed people to have more than one line of business. 

Although we don’t currently offer multiple business accounts for one user, our goal is for Coconut to support people that want to switch between their businesses within the app from a single login.

Having more than one business account with Coconut would make transactions between accounts a smoother and quicker process, giving you better control and visibility across your businesses finances and allow you to view all your related accounts in one place.

Progress so far

We’ve been working with our banking partner, PPS, towards supporting multiple business accounts for one user with the aim to allow you to open another account for a different business within the same login.

This would allow you to register each account with Coconut, to the same smartphone device and app.

We have a few more changes to make to support this, so bear with us.

What's next

You can check the progress on our support for multiple businesses through one login on our public roadmap here.

In the meantime, it is possible to have two separate businesses through 2 separate logins, but it means having access to 2 separate phones/phone numbers.

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