By connecting your current accounts and credit cards to Coconut you will get a complete view of your business across every account, whenever you need it.

Once you’ve hooked up your accounts, you’ll be able to see all of your transactions in the Coconut app, add receipts and notes, as well as categorise them for tax. We’ll also take into account any business income or expenses in your monthly overview. This means you’ll never miss another business expense and you can make the most of our bookkeeping tools regardless of which card you choose to use.

Connect your bank account(s) to Coconut in a few very simple steps:

Simply head over to your 'More' tab > Bank Connections > Add accounts.

Firstly, you'll be asked to choose your bank. If you'd like to get a full list of the banks that are supported by Coconut, please head here.

Once you've chosen your bank, you'll need to give us permission to read certain information, so we can capture it in the app (this can be revoked anytime if you'd like to disconnect your accounts):

You'll be redirected to your bank's main website or app to complete the process.

When you've confirmed this with your bank, you'll be redirected to the app. Here you will decide if you want to use the account for business or a mixture or personal and business.

The app will let you know once the setup has been successful!

Now that your account is connected, you can use Coconut for bookkeeping, creating and sending invoicing, tax management, capturing expenses, and more.

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