Our saving for tax tool is now available on all of our paid subscriptions.

Once you’ve created a Tax Vault, you can choose to move money manually or set up automated ‘saves’. Also, you can opt to approve each one before it happens - so you’ll always be in complete control.

From selecting manual or automated saving, choosing when and how often to save, as well as the percentage of income that you set aside - you can customise the experience to suit you and your business.

How to get started:

  1. First of all, head to the ’Taxes’ tab and click ‘Get started’ to create your tax vault

  2. If you’re on our free plan, you’ll be prompted to upgrade to one of our paid subscriptions before your vault is created

  3. When your vault has been set up, you’ll be able to configure the app to automate your tax saving

  4. Choose how you save — automatically or after you’ve given us the OK — as well as the amount you save and how often

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