You might be used to surprises when you use a traditional debit or credit card to make purchases abroad but we aim to keep this really simple and transparent. We use the Mastercard Exchange Rate to calculate how much your GBP money would be worth in another currency.

There is a cost here so we apply a fixed 2% fee to foreign card purchases on the Start plan, to help cover these charges in an effort to build a sustainable service for the long term.

It's free (0%) for customers on Grow

If you're a Grow plan customer, there's no additional charge.

We'll simply convert your GBP into the purchase currency at the Mastercard rate. Nothing else.

If you're still on the Start plan and you're ready for Grow, just head to the 'More' tab and select 'Your plan' to upgrade. Alternatively, check out our pricing page for more info or get in touch with the team via the app if you have any questions.


What are the rates?

This varies from time to time, so there's a handy calculator if you'd like to know what the rate is for a given currency. You can find the Mastercard calculator below. Start plan customers, remember to include the 2% 'Bank Fee' and for Grow users, it's 0%.

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