We currently have limited support for companies with 2 owners (or rather, what Companies House defines as "Persons with Significant Control", or "PSCs").

Can I apply?
Yes! Our application process supports up to 2 PSCs. As well as providing your own details, you'll be asked to provide the details of your business partner too.

Can we both have access?
Currently, only the person that completes the application will have access to the app. Make sure that whoever signs up is the person that needs to have primary access.

Can we have more than one card?
Only the person that signs up will be provided a card for the business, so it has to be shared.

Will support be improved for multiple PSCs?
You can see our roadmap anytime. We'd like to improve our support for businesses with multiple PSCs, so you can track our progress here:

>>> Debit card per PSC

>>> Multi-user app access

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