If you're an existing cardholder and you're eligible for an exclusive Investor card, we'll just replace your existing card whenever you're ready. 

Before you order your new card:

Heads up, your new card will take around 2-5 working days to arrive and your current card will be cancelled when you place the order.

You'll want to bear that in mind so you can make any time-sensitive purchases before replacing your card - alternatively, you can use another card and transfer over from your Coconut account, categorising the payment as you would for the purchase.

Ordering via the iOS app

Simply head to your Transactions tab, swipe left to access your Coconut Card Drawer (at the top). Tap on the tray, then head to Manage > Order new card.

Ordering via the Android app

If you're on Android, just chat to our team to let us know you'd like to order your investor card.

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