What perks do I qualify for as an investor in Coconut?

For everyone who invested £10+ in our crowdfunding round, we've pulled together a few perks to say 'thanks'!

Here's a rundown of what these look like:


Exclusive investor Mastercard

A live debit card for investors who are also account holders

If you don't have an account, you'll receive a novelty card (if you open an account later on, we'll send you the real thing)

For investors of £10 and over.


'Investor' badge displayed in the app

We wanted to show recognition for every investor by placing an exclusive Investor Badge in the app.

For investors of £500 and over.


Free Coconut t-shirt

An exclusive t-shirt in black or navy in a range of sizes with the Coconut logo printed in white across the front.

For investors of £500 and over. More info?

1 year of free access to our Grow tier

For investors of £500 and over. Check out our tiers.


Grow tier for life

For investors of £1,000 and over. Here's another link to our tiers.


When will I start to see these perks?

The investor card and badge are now live and we'll be rolling out instructions for claiming free t-shirts imminently - we’re nearly there! We’ll be in touch shortly once everything's all set.

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