What perks do I qualify for as an investor in Coconut?

For everyone who invested £10+ in our latest crowdfunding round (June 2020), we've pulled together a few perks to say 'thanks'!

Here's a rundown of what these look like:

Everyone of our amazing investors will get:

Inner circle intel

We’ll bring you into the inner circle over email with our investor updates, where we talk about life behind the scenes at Coconut and how things are going. Really. Openness is really important to us. Topics from the past include company performance, team updates and more.

Exclusive investor Mastercard debit card

A live debit card for investors who are also account holders.

If you don't have an account, you'll receive a novelty card (if you open an account later on, we'll send you the real thing).

'Investor' badge displayed in the app

We wanted to show recognition for every investor by placing an exclusive Investor Badge in the app.

Plus these extra goodies if you invest more

Invest £150

You get your choice of Coconut swag. We'll be in touch once the round has closed to organise this.

Invest £1,000

On top of your choice of swag...

You’ll get 6 months free on our highest premium tier* (we’ll be launching a new tier later in the year called Pro 😉 watch this space), and an invitation to our exclusive annual investor event.

Invest £5,000

On top of everything above...

You’ll get 1 year free on our highest premium tier* and a founding member badge in the app and community forum. We'll also ask you to join us for our annual investor dinner with the Coconut team.

Invest £20,000

On top of everything above...

You’ll get free access to our highest premium tier* for life.

Invest £100,000

On top of everything above...

You’ll be invited to observe and contribute to our board meeting annually.

 *Only including software fees, excluding partner accounting services.

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