If you have been operating as a sole trader and you’re setting up as a limited company, we recommend that you keep these accounts separate - legally, your sole trader and limited company businesses are separate entities, and so you should have separate accounts in each name.

Limited Companies with Sole Trader accounts

If you have a sole trader account with Coconut at the moment, but you are / will be operating as a limited company, we can help you switch accounts. To request a sole trader to limited company account conversion, click here

We’ll keep you updated throughout the process of closing down your sole trader account and make the necessary adjustments to allow you to apply for your new limited company account! 


Both Sole Trader & Limited Company

Currently, we don’t currently offer multiple accounts. However, check out this article if you’d like to know more. Also, we offer the ability to connect other accounts that you have in-app so that you can view everything in one place! You can find more information on this here. 

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