If you ever want to get your transaction data out of your Coconut account, you can get this any time straight from the app. 

This is useful for sharing with your accountant (if you have one), or if you want to do your own analysis.  Also if you're using accounting or budgeting software then you can use these data exports to add your Coconut data to them.

How do I export data?

To export your data, tap on your Coconut account in your transaction list and go to your account detail. From there, just tap “Export transactions”.

What format can I export my data to?

You can export your data at any time in 3 different formats from Coconut:

CSV Format
Great for doing your own analysis in a spreadsheet or sharing with accountants. This is the richest form of export, as it include all notes and categories on your transactions.

OFX (Open Financial Exchange)
The preferred format for importing into most accounting or budgeting software.

PDF Statement
Export a statement for your chosen date range to send to yourself or others.

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