Coconut accounts can currently only receive payments in from UK accounts in GBP.

Multi-currency transfers is something that we are looking to add in the future, but for now this does mean that our accounts don't have international account numbers (IBANs).

In the meantime, we can suggest a couple of ways our existing customers are managing their international payments:

  • Transfer into a domestic account that does include an IBAN and then transfer it over.
  • Use a specialist multi-currency service (eg like Transferwise), and then transfer the funds into your account.

If you'd like to see IBANs added to Coconut accounts, you can let us know that about this by voting or commenting on our roadmap.

Also, you can find details about the rest of your account details (such as bank name and address) here.

Note that your Coconut card will work in multi-currency. Foreign exchange fees apply. 

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