We’ve teamed up with Payoneer to provide you with a receiving IBAN account for over 6 currencies. With Payoneer you can set up an IBAN so your clients can pay you as easily as if you had a local bank account. 

You’ll need to open an account directly with Payoneer. Coconut customers will get:

  • VIP status with Payoneer when you sign up, including priority onboarding 
  • Preferential rates of just 1% foreign exchange fee (where high street banks charge as much as 5-7%)
  • $50 bonus when you’ve received more than $1,000 in payments (USD equivalent). 

Just use this link to open an account with Payoneer.

Who is Payoneer?

Payoneer helps digital businesses get paid, no matter where your clients are. Founded in 2005, they have 4m customers across 200 countries. Payoneer powers the global payouts for top platforms such as: Amazon, Google, Airbnb and Upwork.

What currencies can I access via Payoneer?

You’ll automatically get access to GBP, EUR and USD. Through your Payoneer account you can additionally request accounts for AUD, CAD, JPY, MXN or CNY. 

Can I see my Payoneer account within Coconut?

No. You will need to log into Payoneer to see your balances and initiate payments.

What fees do Payoneer charge?
When withdrawing into your Coconut account from a non-GBP IBAN, Payoneer will charge a 1% foreign exchange fee on top of the mid-market rate (the rate you see on Google for example).

Note that your Coconut card will work in multi-currency. Foreign exchange fees apply. 

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