If you see a transaction that you don't recognise or if you've lost your card, it's important that you block your card via the app right away.

First, block your card

Open the app and head to the 'Account' tab, then select your card drawer at the top of your screen and tap on 'Block'.

It's just as easy to unblock via the app so, if in doubt, it's best to block it immediately as a precaution.

Once you've blocked your card, no debits can be made using your card details and this won't affect bank transfers or direct debits.

Please let our team know what's happened so we can advise on protection, such as the Mastercard Chargeback Scheme

Next, contact our Support team

You can start a chat with us directly from the transaction in question by tapping "Something wrong? Let us know" at the bottom of the transaction.

Alternatively you can send an email to us at [email protected], or call us our emergency line.

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